Warriors in Transition

The Warriors in Transition workshop is a faith sustaining program for military service members, Veterans and their families. Participants learn effective life skills to peacefully navigate:

a) the pre to post deployment cycle,
b) transition from active duty to civilian life.

These life skills activate Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is consistently present and proven in highly successful, happy people. Research shows that healthy relationships at home and work are a result of high EQ vs. IQ, according to “Emotional Intelligence” author Daniel Goleman.

"Mandala" session, Warriors in Transition workshop

Dept. of Defense Pre-Separation Guide states:

”Leaving the military challenges your identity. Transition is traumatic and stressful…If you approach your transition as an opportunity to grow you will have already taken a giant step toward re-establishing your identity.”

The guide also suggests transitioning veterans and soldiers should attend a change management course. Warriors in Transition program enhances ability to manage change by utilizing emotional intelligence through a set of unique experiential learning exercises with horses, based on the Epona Approach™.

As prey animals, horses are highly attuned to their surroundings and capable of sensing and reflecting human emotion, intention and nonverbal communication. Horses embody emotional intelligence and its vital role in life.

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A Veteran’s Perspective

“Throughout history we have trained horses for success in combat,” says Navy Veteran, Terry Murray. “Today, there’s a poetic irony in the way horses are teaching veterans how to succeed in civilian life.” The issues involved are complex.

Military socialization, beginning with boot camp, breaks down self-esteem and replaces it with unit-esteem in order to create a cohesive fighting unit. “Leaving their comrades in arms on the battlefield often creates feelings of betrayal, guilt and a powerful sense of loss,” Terry observes. “Your sense of identity, of being a soldier and an integral part of a unit, is fractured when you return home.”

Warriors in Transition active round pen briefing

“It’s very helpful for returning military personnel to learn some emotional intelligence skills to process and manage the experiences of their transition,” Terry emphasizes. Aside from the obvious benefits in healing trauma and building strong personal relationships, emotional intelligence (EQ) has statistically been shown to be 4 times more important in determining success in business than raw IQ and training.

Horses teach us the value of healthy boundaries. Soldiers are not allowed boundaries in the military. They live and die under authoritative rule; unit identity doesn’t allow for individual space. By practicing how to gently yet effectively set boundaries with a 1,000 pound horse—and learning how to translate this skill to human interactions—reuniting families begin to renegotiate their relationships from a place of understanding and respect.”

The Authentic Path

Throughout the ages philosophers, mystics, gurus and religious leaders have taught countless ways of realizing our spiritual nature. Perpetually seeking the Divine, humankind strives to align with the energy of Creation.

Monica and Terry assessing the goal during round pen work

The challenge in today’s modern world is discovering a spiritual approach that fits our busy lifestyles and noisy environments. The Authentic Path is an empowering, practical, faith sustaining journey that :

  • Quiets the Mind and engages the Spirit
  • Develops Emotional Intelligence and resiliency through sense oriented, non-verbal awareness
  • Rewires how emotions and reasoning are processed, allowing self-mastery to emerge
  • Changes how we perceive both form and formless, becoming transparent to the transcendent (per mythology expert Joseph Campbell)
  • Engages the science of embodied wisdom, the consciousness inherent in the neural networks of heart and gut (enteric nervous system)
  • Affirms the Soul and metaphysical truth within

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