Leadership Team

Patricia Ulloa-Curcio, Executive Director

Patricia Ulloa-Curcio

Patricia Ulloa-Curcio

I’m a true Island girl. My parents, Thomas and Ana Ulloa, were native Guamanians. My Dad was in the Air Force and they left Guam shortly before I was born, in the Southern California beach town of San Pedro, near Wayfarer’s Chapel. Summertime in the Year of the Horse!

Growing up in the military, we moved so often that I went to a different school almost every year of my life. Learning out of necessity to adapt to my surroundings, that pattern of moving from place to place (like horses in the wild) continued in my adult life until I finally settled down in Hawaii.

Working for United Airlines, I met my husband Duke in 1989, after transferring from Denver to work as a Scheduler in Honolulu Aircraft Maintenance. I took on the role of Business Services Coordinator in 1995, managing maintenance contracts for International carriers.

That’s when I accomplished my greatest career achievement – negotiating a million dollar maintenance contract with All Nippon Airways. It involved heavy maintenance checks, the first time in Japan aviation history this occurred outside their own country.

Besides my wonderful husband and greatest personal achievement, our 4 children, my inspiration is my Mom and sister, Barbara Ulloa-Perkins, who passed away on October 7, 2004 when she was 45.

I promised to help her only son, find healing from his addiction and dysfunction. Soon after, a vision of the Healing Center began percolating in my mind. Barbara was a military wife and a single parent for many months during the several deployments her husband was away at sea on a submarine.

My two brothers, Michael and Vince and sister Dotty, are scattered all over, from Big Island to California to Florida. We have family reunions at least once a year. That’s big fun!

I love animals, especially bunnies (we have two) and horses. Powerful, agile creatures, horses more than any other animal, have altered the course of human history. From carrying us into war, plowing our fields, discovering new frontiers on their swiftly moving backs. They know us.

Female Monk Seal close up

Female Monk Seal close up

My favorite place in the world is the beach close to home where the Monk seals rest. I call it Barbara’s beach, because the first time I went there was with my sister. On any given day I can be the only one there, yet visible in the distance is Diamond Head and Waikiki. It’s amazing to find solitude on this beautiful stretch of shoreline, when only a 30 minute drive away, thousands of people stroll in the surf.

Such is my Hawaii nei…

Lisa Marie Guerrero, Fundraising Coordinator

Lisa Marie Guerrero

Lisa Marie Guerrero

Everyone comes to a cross road in life…focusing on GOD leads us to the path he’s destined for us. Seek Him as you journey and hidden gems are revealed along the way!”

Lisa Marie Guerrero grew up in the Northern California town of Benicia. As a single mother working for United Airlines, she listened to her heart and followed a path that brought her to Hawaii in May 1999. Focusing on God, she summoned the courage to go where she didn’t know anyone and start over with two young boys.

Fate intervened and within a few days after arriving, she met Palmarie Executive Director, Patricia Ulloa-Curcio, while both were training at United Airlines’ – Honolulu Customer Service department.

They became instant friends. Years later, a series of life-altering experiences inspired a shared vision between them of spiritual healing, sustainability and stewardship. The dream soon gave rise to Palmarie Community Transformation Alliance.

Lisa Marie’s blended family includes her 3 sons, daughter and stepson Gabriel Guerrero, the talented artist who hand rendered our logo.

Outgoing and enthusiastic, Lisa Marie has extensive experience in volunteer service:

  • Parent Education Chairperson– Kaleiopu’u Elementary
  • Parent volunteer coordinator for P.T.A, sponsored fundraisers and family activities.
  • Battered Women, Contra Costa County – build and maintain relationships to position the chemical Dependency unit for growth and ensure programs for children and parents.
  • Organize and raise awareness for Battered Women– successfully coordinated a fashion Show Fundraiser to raise $6,000 for Battered Women Shelters and women in transition.
  • Contra Costa County Certification (1997) Enhancing Public Contact Skills, Dealing with Difficult People, Mgmt. of Aggressive Behavior


Betina Parker, Equine Herd Coordinator

Betina Parker

Betina Parker

Betina Parker is the Director of Equine 808 Horse Rescue. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Betina has over 30 years experience working, training and showing horses. During her celebrated years showing horses in the rodeo circuit, she accomplished many goals, including rodeo queen and barrel racing championships.

Betina grew up as a “military brat” and later became a “military wife” for 18 years. That life brought Betina and her 3 daughters to Hawaii in 1997. With her knowledge and experience she soon realized Hawaii needed a sanctuary for abused and neglected horses and Equine 808 Horse Rescue was born.

It became her driving passion. As a survivor herself, facing life’s difficulties and challenges, Betina’s therapy is rescuing and rehabilitating horses who’ve been through dire, life threatening experiences. The comfort she feels with the Equine 808 herd is mirrored by the trusting relationship the horses demonstrate with her on a daily basis. It’s as if they understand they’re in a unique and special place.

Betina finds fulfillment as a riding instructor and offering those less fortunate an opportunity to be a part of something worthy and rewarding. She has education in Business Management and is certified in Beginner B and Novice A riding instruction. She attended the Fire Services Training and Education Program (FSTEP) in Pueblo, Colorado and recieved a certification in Large Animal Rescue, is a member of the Unwanted Horse Coalition and the the American Horse Council, and also a part of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Emergency Pet Shelter Management Volunteer Corps.