About Us

Palmarie Community Transformation Alliance is the inspired vision and shared faith of founding partners, Patricia Marie Ulloa-Curcio  and Lisa Marie Guerrero.  Healing, hope and heart compels us every day to keep going and keep growing.  We’ve learned through experience that transformation begins inside. Helping others find peace means finding it first within ourselves.

One day when Lisa and I were searching for an organization name that represents us, we noticed our names – Patricia Marie and Lisa Marie  combine together to create Palmarie beautifully conveying the serene, tropical, renewing essence that blesses our lives!

Patricia Marie and Lisa Marie

Patricia Marie and Lisa Marie - PALMARIE

We dream of a world where true healing is possible.  Our goals emerge from a deep desire to embrace our island community and offer spiritual connection, emotional resilience and a deeper awareness of our stewardship to Hawaii, Mother Earth and each other.

What are your hopes, vision and purpose?  If what you find in these pages resonates in your soul, embrace the future with us!  We appreciate your energy, passion, talents and abilities. Dream of a world that honors its Creator!  Open your heart and let faith be your guide.

The power to transform the world is within you!

Patricia Marie and Lisa Marie